Armor of Underworld
Kanji/Kana 冥界の鎧
Rōmaji Meikai no Yoroi
Classification Cursed Armor
User(s) Paragon
Media Debut


Armor of Underworld is Cursed Artifact, left behind by Demon Clan, along with Cursed Sword Caladbolg. Currently it is used by Paragon.


Armor of Underworld is made from jet-black metal, and has several skull-ornaments with glowing blue eyes, located in shoulders, chest, knees, belt and gloves. Armor has also horns on shoulders and helmet, and small blades on both gauntlets and gloves.


Caladbolg and Armor of Underworld were found by Paragon from cave, few years after Holy War ended.




Undead Curse : Ability of Armor of Underworld is Curse: Anyone who wears it becomes unable to pass to next life, and is bound to armor. Paragon has weared this armor over 2500 years, and is still on his prime condition. However, once every 100 years, Armor vanishes for day, leaving Paragon vulrenable, but also allows him enjoy life for one day, before returning him to state of eternal undeath for another 100 years.

There is way to remove armor, by spilling blood of Goddess Clan to it; this causes it to melt from where blood hitted. Small ammount is enough to be able remove armor for good, while destroying would need much more blood.