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Haru hits Sieg
Kanji/Kana 切断
Rōmaji Setsudan
User(s) Richard Templar
Weapon Fünf Schwerter
Media Debut


Cutting (切断, Setsudan) is the name of Richard Templar's ability, many have said that it is one of the most annoying abilities.


With this ability Richard can cause whatever his bladed weapon(s) cuts into to become sealed, and is able to sever anything regardless of their nature, from physical objects to abstract concept. The attack can cut down opponents of any form, whether they be immortal or the hardest substance in existence. It can also reach every plane of existence, whether it be space and time or alternate and pocket dimensions. The cut can affect the target no matter what as it is an omnipresential attack that can slash through all timeline and parallel dimensions.