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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 「黙示録の四人の騎士, Mokushiroku no shi-ri no kishi」are an extremely powerful group of four elite warriors of the Britannia's largest clans. It's main goal is to bring a new holy war to the world. All its members are children of the Seven Deadly Sins. In addition, everyone has peculiarities that set them apart from their clans. Each of them has a symbol embedded in his body, symbolizing which knight he is Each horsemen has a special ability, called the "Horse," which names them within the group.


Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Tristan (OitoTrintaDois)
Kaishi Pestilence.png Tristan War.png Taiyō Famine.png Lancelot Death.png
Horseman of
the Pestilence
Horseman of
the War
Horseman of
the Famine
Horseman of
the Death

Power Levels

  1. Horseman of the Pestilence, Kaishi: (64,000)
  2. Horseman of the War, Tristan: (158,000)
  3. Horseman of the Famine, Taiyō: (Undefined, +136,000)
  4. Horseman of the Death, Lancelot: (76,000)


  1. Kaishi: Creation, Link, Pestilence
  2. Tristan: Ark, Hellblaze, War
  3. Taiyō: Sunshine, Famine
  4. Lancelot: Death


  • Apparently, the appointments of each of them are linked not only to their past, but in some cases to their clans and parents. Lancelot's "death" ability may be a reference to his father's immortality, while Tristan's "war" skill may be a reference to the wars involving the Goddess and the demonic Clans. Taiyō's "Famine" ability may be a reference to his mother's sin, gluttony.
    • It is not known whether Kaishi's "Pestilence" ability is an objection to this rule, or if such a connection has not yet been revealed.
  • The only one of the Seven Deadly Sins not to have children in the group is Gowther.
    • This is probably because he hasn't children.