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Jeanne d'Arturia
Saber Beauty
Kanji/Kana ジーン ダーウトゥーリア
Rōmaji Jiin Daautuuria
Alias "Lady of the Lake" (レーディ オフ ス レーク, Reedi ofu su Reeku)

"Guardian of Light" (グアルディアン オフ リト, Guarudian ofu Rito)

Biographical Information
Age 700+ (chronologically)

23 (physically)

Race Fairy
Biological Description
Gender Female Femalesymbol
Height 5'7 ft
Weight 127 Ibs
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type Unknown
Rank Princess
Relationships Keith Maverick (lover)
Occupation Guardian Saint of the Island of Avalon
Affiliation Pendragon Family
Abilities Gate of Britannia
Equipment Unknown
Sacred Treasure Unknown
Symbol of Beast

Jeanne d'Arturia (ジーン ダーウトゥーリア, Jiin Daautuuria) is Keith's lover and the Guardian Saint of the Island of Avalon.


Jeanne d'Arturia takes on the feminine appearance of a young woman who is in her early adulthood endowed with the petite body being considered average height. This makes her look quite slender physique, having soft white skin. Since she generally doesn't wear any make-up on, Jeanne's face is soft and unblemished with a smooth creamy complexion. She has teal eyes and golden blonde hair which is covered all around under a luminous veil. Normally, Jeanne would sometimes bound up and change into many array of hairstyles. For example, Jeanne's hair tied with a ribbon by single braided bun that circles her head, extending to the shoulders. Jeanne's face indicates that she was assume by many of her fellow peers to have a princess-like demeanour though that isn't the case at all. Apart from being the same age alongside Keith physically, Jeanne is actually much chronologically older than her figure would show as her physical body had never once age from the moment she had chosen to take the role Guardian Saint at the Island of Avalon.








Jeanne is a very powerful fairy who has the the ability called Flora.


An ability mainly focuses on the power of the nature that surrounds the user



Main Love Interest

Keith Maverick