This page, Rules, is currently under construction. Please bear with the changes made by the author.

The following are the established rules of this wiki. They are meant to grow and develop with the community, so if you have any reasonable ideas, don't hesitate to talk to them with an admin or start a discussion on the talk page!

The Basics

  1. Have fun!
  2. Civility and courteousness
  1. No extensive use of profanity.
  2. Do not allow arguments to go out of control.
  3. No overtly sexual themes in characters or storylines.
  4. No personal attacks on any other user.
  5. Be kind and courteous to other users.
  1. Editing
  1. Do not edit others' work without their permission.
  2. Do not use others' work without their permission.
  1. Relationships to Canon
  1. Fanon must be related to Nanatsu no Taizai.
  2. Not direct contradictions to the rules/events of the canon series within reason.
  3. Articles must be within reason and common sense.
  4. Alternate universe content must still follow the above rules.
  1. Plagiarism
  1. Plagiarism is considered bad user conduct and will be met with the full wrath of the present admins.
  1. Admins
  1. Admins are not exempt from the above or below rules save for special cases.
  2. All decisions made by admins is considered final unless the same group revokes them.
  3. Respect to administrators is expected -- disrespect will be punished.
  4. Major, wiki-wide decisions must be made with the approval of more than one active admin, and at least two-three must talk it over before going to effect. Similar committees may also examine pre-existing rules and change/remove them.

Chat Behavioral Regulations

Character Guidelines

Power Guidelines

Organization Guidelines