Kanji/Kana パラゴン
Rōmaji Paragon
Alias Unholy Knight
Biographical Information
Age 3000+
Race Undead
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 200 cm
Weight 102 kg

(Nearly 200 with armor)

Eye Color Ice Blue
Hair Color None
Blood Type
Rank Unholy Knight
Relationships None
Occupation Leader of Phantom Legion
Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Desecration
Equipment Caladbolg
Armor of Underworld
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Paragon is the leader of Phantom Legion and is infamously known as the Unholy Knight.


Paragon has black armor with horn and skull ornaments. From armor there is faint, ice blue light visible through skulls eyes and on his vizor.

He has echoing voice.


Paragon is cold and ruthless person who stops nothing to archive his goals. He seems hate Holy Knights over anything, and only few who have encountered him have survived.

Paragon has some sense of humor left, and can be heard laugh time to time.


Paragon, while still Holy Knight, fought and lived through Holy War but lost his left arm during fights. Years later, while exploring ruined castle, he found secret chamber containing black armor and sword, both having horns and skull-ornaments. In nearby metal plates had names of armor and sword : "Armor of Underworld" and "Caladbolg". On third plate, there was text that interested Holy Knight deeply; "One who wears this armor shall never die". Back then he was already 60 years old, so he decided give it try. Moment he wore armor, he lost his conciousness.

When waking, Paragon moved his left hand to hold his head, realizing soon it was moving. When he tried remove armor later, he realised that he was unable do so; 100 years had passed, and one keeping him alive was his armor, melted to his body. This made Paragon angry, and taking name he now is known as, "Paragon", he spreads destruction on his wake, wanting spread his curse to people of Britain.




Desecration : Ability Paragon mostly uses, Desecration corrupts life energy within land and living beings.

Enslavement of the Dead: A forbidden technique passed among the druids that gives the power to resurrect the dead, but can only be used twice on the same person. The soul deteriorates with each resurrection, significantly weakening their abilities. Paragon uses this only if he finds someone he deems "Worthy".


Armor of Underworld: Paragon has special armor that is bound to his body, making him unable remove it ever again. Legend states one who wears armor becomes immortal (which is not completely wrong as armor restores itself and keeps Paragon alive).

Caladbolg : Weapon Paragon found with armor, Caladbolg, increases power of his Desecration-power. It is also black, hand has ornamented blade and skull-shaped carvings.

Power Level

  • Magic: 17000
  • Strength: 12500
  • Spirit: 13000
  • Total: 42500




  • This Character based from Dage the Evil of the AQW.
  • Paragon also is another way say "(Role)Model".