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Phoenix Clan
Phoenix Clan
Kanji/Kana 保温族
Rōmaji Hōō-zoku
Additional Information
Primary Abilities Flight
Elemental Manipulation
Ruler Unknown
Location Unknown
"The Rulers of the Skies"

The Phoenix Clan  「保温族」 was formerly a heavily populated race in the world of Nanatsu no Taizai. Long ago, the Phoenix Clan were undoubtedly the rulers of the sky, said to have been birthed from the sun itself. The clan was also known for their calm, kind, and happy nature, the likes of which willing to help anyone in need. This however ended centuries ago, when the Demon Clan attacked the clan, and waged war, which ultimately resulted in a loss for the Phoenix Clan.

After this, the supermajority of the clan either were destroyed, or went into hiding. Some taking human forms, some hiding within the skies. Through these few who took on human forms, birthed many new clans. However, there are only three named clans which known to hold these abilities. The first is the Hookuma Clan, humans who have the blood of both the Demon, and Phoenix. The Fukka Clan, humans with the blood of the Phoenix. As such, this clan has the most capabilities regarding their blood, given it does not have any more blood besides human counteracting it. The last is the ---.





Powers and Abilities

All Phoenixes have the ability to produce and manipulate different elements, to utilize to their liking, though these elements depend on what specific type of Phoenix they are. As such, they can mold the aforementioned elements to their liking to create weaponry, or defenses. As such, the Phoenix can also utilize enchantments, not only this, but the Phoenix have healing beyond anything else, being able to heal from attacks within moments, though it has been shown to hurt them. All Phoenixes had the ability to transform into a human form, which would decrease their power, however they would retain their elemental capabilities. This ability allowed them to interact with humans and hide in plain sight.

Due to this, many parents used the legend of the Phoenix as a bedtime story stating things like, "A Phoenix is always watching you, and who knows! Maybe someone you know is a Phoenix?" or, "Be you good, they bring you toys. Be you bad, they bring you ashes." Not only this, but some abilities, like those utilized but he Demon Clan can counteract their healing factor. They can also fly utilizing their wings, to which they can use for defensive or offensive purposes, along with their strong beaks and talons. All Phoenix are comprised of a different element. Some fire, some water, some even electricity, causing many to differ in terms of culture and such. It is also said that the blood of the Phoenix can enhance one's physical capabilities beyond normal comparison.



Elemental Manipulation


Phoenix Blood in Humans



Phonenix can heal at a rate faster then even a demon.

They are only three races left of this clan.