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Sun Wukong
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Kanji/Kana そん ごくう
Rōmaji Son Gokū
Alias Monkey King
Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Race Monkey
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 179cm (5'9" feet)
Weight 89kg (196lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue-Green
Blood Type A
Rank Diamond
Occupation Captain of the Seven Laws of Noah
Affiliation Seven Laws of Noah
Kingdom of Tataran
Abilities Instinct
Monkey King
Equipment Apollo's Bow
Monkey Staff
Twin Fang (former)
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Sun Wukongそん ごくうSon Gokū」 is the captain of the Seven Laws of Noah and is the Law of Idolatry. He is Diamond Rank Knight of the kingdom of Tataran, and the main protagonist of Nanatsu no Taizai: Noah. He received a weapon from the King of tataran, called the Apollo's Bow to demonstrate the great power he have. His main ability is called Instinct.


Sun is a relatively tall boy, with blue-green hair and big blue eyes. He is always seen wearing a red and black hat with a brown vest. He also wears a large scarf, black and white pants, including a double sided belt, white harness, leather gloves and a red and black trench coat with elongated cuffs as well as dark sleeves.

Ten years ago during the incident of the seven deadly sins, when he was still a novice rider, his hair was shorter than it is now and his clothes was slightly different from that now but keeping the same style. He was always seing using red clothes and a large hat. He wears short gloves and a textured shirt with rolled sleeves covered by a small vest with a scarf over it.



10 years ago





Seven Laws of Noah

Holy Knights

Royal Family



  • Sun Wukong, is known as the Monkey King and is a God of Chinese religion and the Chinese Buddhist.
  • According to the author:
    • Sun special skill is deceiving naive people.
    • Hobby is collecting helmets.
    • Daily routine is train to get stronger.
    • Favorite food is roast pork.
    • Charm Point is his hair.
    • Complex is none.
    • Person he respect the most is Meliodas.
    • Person he doesn't want to make a enemy is Meliodas.
  • Despite being in a Kingdom whose principle is the religion and belief in gods and his name is from a Chinese God, Sun does not believe in religion and hate people who gave their lives for her.
  • Sun is Ambidextrous.