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Kanji/Kana 干支の
Rōmaji Eto no
Additional Information
Primary Abilities Powers
Ruler Caelia (Captain)
Location Britannia

The Zodiacs 「干支の, Eto no」 or sometimes referred to as The Thirteen Zodiacs「干支の十三, Eto no Ju-San」, is a famous, and powerful group of fourteen knights who were banded together by Caelia. The Legends is made up of the multitude of people Caelia found during his endeavors. The group currently wanders around, taking random jobs to gain money.

Despite this, they are not greedy, as they will (and have) help many people the meet during their adventures, thus accumulating a large number of allies and enemies. Each member was titled under one of the thirteen Western Zodiacs by numerous kingdoms. These titles were assigned in accordance to their abilities, and personalities. As such, they are the main protagonists of ---.



ZodiacSymbol The Zodiacs ZodiacSymbol
CaeliaMug2 RionMug LuciusMug MaryMug2
Caelia Rion Lucius Mary
Leo Scorpio Ophiuchus Virgo
HectorMug OberonMug EveMug CaeliaMug
Hector Avalon Eve Gwen
Taurus Cancer Sagittarius Libra
OwainMug MorfyddMug HonMug
Owain Morfydd Hon
Gemini Pet


Powers and Abilities